EOR vs. PEO: What’s the Difference?

eor vs. peo

EOR? PEO? All those workplace acronyms can be boggling. But luckily, once you unpick them, they’re mostly there to make life simple. Especially EOR and PEO.  So, to give them their full titles, they are:  Employer of Record  Professional Employer Organisation  That doesn’t necessarily shed all the light you need. So, let’s drill down.  They’re […]

The Benefits and Challenges of Global Expansion

global expansion

First things first: Let’s make sure we define global expansion so we can then delve into the benefits and the challenges. In a nutshell, global expansion is what is says on the tin—when a business starts operating on an international scale. Worldwide connections are made and, ultimately, ideas, information and products reach new markets.   Should […]

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

employer of record

So, your organisation is doing well. You’re expanding, investigating new markets. You’ve heard some great things about a dynamic young manager based in Nairobi… She would be perfect for a role you need to fill. But you don’t have any contacts in Kenya—never mind a legal entity. Now that’s where an Employer of Record could […]