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Make hiring globally a total breeze with our Employer of Record service. With no legal entity required, you can hire fast, easy and fully-compliant in any location you choose—without the hard work. 

employer of record

Trusted by ambitious organisations around the world

What is an Employer of Record (EOR) service?

An Employer of Record is a global employment service that helps you to employ people around the world without having to set up a local entity, while still staying fully compliant in every location. 

An EOR service is the ideal solution to hire remote talent fast, operating in a new market without a legal entity or having temporary assignments abroad. 

It handles everything from payroll to benefits to legislation, since the EOR employs people on your behalf—lifting the admin and compliance burden that comes with hiring people around globe.

employer of record

Cintra Global have been a valued partner for Diaceutics since 2017, initially providing support in Europe and in subsequent years across other key markets including Asia and the United States. They have enabled Diaceutics to move into new territories at speed and with confidence and we look forward to growing our relationship in the future.

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The simplest way to hire internationally

Why should you choose an employer of record? 

Immediate onboarding

An EOR is your immediate solution to international hiring. We can get you set up and ready to hire anywhere in the world in as little as 24 hours.

Test the market

Employer of Record solutions allow you to test the success of new markets without going through the time consuming and costly process of establishing a legal entity.

No long-term commitment

Plans change. You can switch off our EOR solution easily should the hire or the market not perform as expected and hoped for.

Hassle-free compliance

The beauty of an EOR is that you don’t have to worry about HR compliance, as we’ll manage the legislative requirements in every country your employees are in.

Minimum input

We need very little involvement from you to get your employee set up and onboarded internationally. We take care of all the legwork for you.

Tailored solutions to help you grow

If you decide to set up more permanently in a market, we’re also on hand to support you every step of the way with our wider market entry services.

employer of record

Open your organisation up to the best global talent

Choosing Cintra Globals’s EOR quite literally provides your organisation with a world of opportunity.  

You can access the world’s best talent with speed, ease and compliance—helping you to build a thriving international team. And with the best people, you access new customers in new markets and generate revenue faster. What’s not to love?  

Our dedicated team will work with you quickly to understand your requirements and put in place a compliant EOR solution in every country of your choosing, with no limitations. 

Why choose Cintra Global as your global payroll provider?

Guaranteed compliance. Lower costs. Less admin. So you can focus on the things that matter most. 

Peace of mind

With our international expertise and local knowledge, you can be confident that your organisation will stay compliant with local legislation and market practices wherever you choose to operate.

Extensive experience

Our team of experts have helped hundreds of organisations expand into 100+ countries using our global payroll and HR expertise.

Expert advice on hand

Expert advice is only ever a brief message away so you can lean on us for support whenever you need it. Alongside your payroll, we can advise you on HR, legal, tax and so much more.

Cintra Global: your global partner

Find out more about our international payroll and HR solutions. We tailor our services to your organisation and goals, so we’ll always be there to support you as you grow and hire internationally—there’s nothing too big or too small. 

International Payroll

Fully managed international payroll services—paying your teams accurately and on-time, no matter their location.

International HR

Hire, engage and manage a productive international team with total HR compliance, no matter where you operate.

Market Entry Services

Enter new markers with ease—whether you’re looking to set-up a legal entity abroad or simply looking for global expansion advice. 

Speak to a global expert

We’d love to hear about your international expansion and hiring plans, so we can tailor our services to meet your needs and be with you every step of the way—easing your international compliance and admin burdens. Simply share your details with us and one of our international experts will be in touch with you shortly.