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Welcome to Cintra Globals’ resource hub. Here, you’ll find the legislation and guidance you need to keep up with local and regional compliance around the world. 

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payroll and hr in germany

Payroll and HR in Germany

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payroll and HR in france

Payroll and HR in France

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payroll and hr in the netherlands
International Expansion

Payroll and HR in the Netherlands

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payroll and hr in spain
International Expansion

Payroll and HR in Spain

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payroll and hr in canada

Payroll and HR in Canada

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payroll and hr in the usa
International Expansion

Payroll and HR in the United States

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Legislation updates

Legislation & Compliance

Ukraine: Public Holiday Changes

In July 2023, the Ukrainian government passed new legislation shifting the dates of several public holidays. The new arrangements are: Christmas Day will be on …

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Legislation & Compliance

Kenya: Affordable Housing Levy

With housing costs ever increasing around the globe, affordable housing is essential for every Kenyan citizen today and to help alleviate the pressure of dramatically …

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International HR

Australia: Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave Changes

Australia is making waves with a recent change in employment policies that have a significant impact on the lives of workers. “The connection with work, …

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