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Global HR Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide is designed to help busy professionals understand the broad principles underlying global HR compliance, and give you an overview of the key issues in different parts of the globe. Inside you’ll find:

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Your comprehensive guide to global HR compliance

The more countries you operate in, the greater the risk of failing to keep up with local requirements. And with an increasing global focus on discrimination, gender, and pay equity, it’s more important than ever to understand the key compliance issues facing organisations operating globally. In this guide, we’ll get started with:

Covering the key principles of global HR compliance

After covering the foundational knowledge you need on compliance in general, we’ll jump straight into the key principles of HR compliance around the globe that are vital for you to keep pace with, including:

The world tour of HR compliance issues

By no means comprehensive, we then outline the challenges you’ll likely face in some of the key hubs of global business, including:

...and so much more

The world of global HR compliance is huge, and no single guide can equip you with everything you need to know in every location you operate. But we’re here to offer you best practices to apply to your HR compliance strategy, including:

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