Global health check

Global HR health check: is your strategy fit for purpose?

Whether you’re an HR professional or a business leader looking to get to grips with your organisation’s global HR strategy, this ebook is a practical guide to the issues you need to consider and work on, including:

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Global HR Health Check

It will help you comprehensively assess and evaluate your current strategy and identify what you can do to improve the health and effectiveness of your global HR practices.

Whether you finish reading it confident that you have what you need in place, or determined to fill in the gaps, we think you’ll be glad you took the time to read it!
In each of the nine sections that make up the rest of this e-book—from HR strategy to metrics and reporting—we set out the key issues you need to be thinking about.

At the end of each section, you’ll find a checklist. Some items are straightforward must-haves, while others suggest deeper themes to ponder. But if you can check off each one, confident that you have it covered and are taking it seriously, you’ll be a long way towards having a global HR strategy worthy of the name.

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