Introducing Our New Global Payroll Platform


At Cintra Global we love all things global payroll and HR.  This is what we enjoy. It is our expertise; it is our strength.  We manage your international payroll and HR, keeping you compliant as you operate and employ in markets all around the globe. 

Where appropriate we combine this depth of experience in the international space with appropriate software and technologies that enable us and your HQ teams to work more efficiently while keeping you compliant. 

Easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based software

We have been on the lookout for a suitable platform to enhance the way we support you, with a focus on the following key areas: 

  • Secure and consolidated data 
  • Easy reporting for improved financial and operational control 
  • Self-service for your employees 

We are now excited to announce our new global payroll platform, which has been developed and designed specifically for international and remote teams, with a view to keeping their payroll in order and managing compliance across the borders. 

All your international payroll data in one place

The platform looks to improve communications between domestic HR, payroll, finance and operations teams and our experts, as we manage your international workforce together.  It increases visibility with clean dashboards, consolidated data and reporting for all your international employees.  It is secure, easy-to-use and compliant.  It is designed to compliment our role in taking the stress out of your global payroll and HR. 

  • Improved visibility of your international team 
  • Control of operations by country and pay frequency 
  • Secure filing system for data (current and historic) 
  • Configurable reports including adjustments, variance output and GL journals for finance 
  • Self-service portal for employee access of payslips, updating of personal records and raising of queries 

Enhancing your global payroll delivery

Workflow automation
Tailored and set to your payroll processing, with reminders to ensure nothing gets forgotten.  Supports regular, expat and pension payrolls with additional off-cycle, quarter and year end tasks. 
Effective issue resolution 
Secure multi-channel issue management. Enabling swift interdepartmental or external partner issue resolution.
Improved team communications 
Secure chat facility to share information within a defined group of administrative users, grouped by topics.
Structured filing system
Folders are auto-generated for document exchange as well as working files for each payroll and pay period.
Consistent, compliant employee communications
Payslips and other important company documentation can be accessed either online or via app on both Apple and Android devices, giving your employees all around the world the same professional experience whilst complying with the statutory payroll requirements in each country.
Full integration with Convera 
Our payroll platform will seamlessly integrate with our payment platform, meaning that once your payroll is approved, we eliminate any human error, with automated risk-free payments. (N.B. Convera is formerly known as Western Union Business Solutions). 





When will I be able to start using the platform? 

We are trialling our first few clients as of July 2022.  Following this, we will be contacting a group of clients each month (a month in advance) to invite you on to the new platform.  This is done so that we can continue to give you the personal service we are known for and can work closely with you and your teams to smooth out any concerns and issues during the transition.  Our desire is to have all clients trained and using the new platform by December 2022. 

Will there be any training provided? 

Absolutely.  We are developing training videos and manuals at the moment which we will make openly available for all our clients.  We aim for this to cover most of the processes you will be using for set up and ongoing.  Our team is already familiar with the platform and will also be on hand to talk and walk you through anything you have questions about or are struggling with. 

Does it integrate with other HRS systems? 

Yes.  It is compatible with all established payroll software (such as Bamboo, Payroo and Xero) so there is no need to make costly changes to multiple systems and can be implemented immediately. 

Will I be able to customise reports? 

Yes!  There are a standard set of reports available for free – those that from our experience are the most regular used and requested.  However, we can work with you to develop specific and customised reporting based on your needs, subject to an extra cost. 

Is it GDPR compliant? 

Yes it is and has other accolades around compliance and security to boast of too. 

Can I control what members of my HQ team see? 

Yes.  You have complete control over what users can see and access to ensure that they only get access to files and information appropriate to their role, team and/or privileges.  

How can I be sure employee payslips are accurate?  Does the platform support multi-languages? 

Local pay elements can be reported in any language and consolidated into pay groups, enhancing the understanding of your data. 

What can employees access on the Employee Portal? 

Employers and employees can upload and access all payroll-related data at any time, creating and permanently storing documents such as year-end tax reporting, historic payslips, sickness and holiday forms, as well as more substantial documents such as staff handbooks. 

Can I control the distribution of documents and data with employees? 

Yes.  You can choose to share information with all or selected employees, including what they share with you, i.e. the receiving of forms and data from employees. 

Will employees be able to change anything from the Employee Portal? 

They can submit requests to update their personal details such as their address and payment details.