New Global Payments Partnership With WUBS


Helping you grow and pay your international teams with confidence

In our quest to support our global clients in the best way possible as they grow their business internationally, we focus on 3 key areas:

  • Security
  • Simplicity
  • Compliance

We know that you rely on us to take care of the international headaches of paying employees abroad and the importance of getting this right.  This is why we periodically review who we work with to ensure that they are the best in the industry so that we can trust them, as you do us.  We select these carefully based on their company values and expertise in the international space – meaning we’re all aligned in delivering you, our clients, the best possible service – keeping it as stress-free as possible while also giving you the reassurances you need that your overseas payroll and HR is in order.

We are therefore thrilled to announce our partnership with market leaders, Western Union Business Solutions (aka WUBS).

As the largest non-bank B2B cross-border payments company in the world, they quickly became an obvious choice.  Just as we are your trusted partner for all international payroll and HR needs, WUBS aim to do just that for moving money internationally.  They hold high the importance of each and every employee being paid on time, in full and in the right currency, as do we.

Seamlessly powering your global payments

Western Union Business Solutions leverages decades of industry expertise and technology-led payment solutions designed to improve customer experience and seamlessly power your global commerce needs. WUBS partner us with their in-depth understanding of payment requirements, in-country holidays and local processing times to help streamline your payroll processes.

No need for a foreign bank account in each currency and territory you operate and employ in, with Convera we can keep your employees and taxes paid accurately and on-time.

Benefits of using Cintra Global and Western Union Business Solutions

Most of the changes from the switch to Western Union Business Solutions will go on behind the scenes, as they enable our payroll teams to be more efficient in the delivery of our service and your global payments.  They include:

  • Decreased manual processes
  • Shortened disbursement lead times
  • Simplified reconciliation
  • Reduced enquiries from HQ teams as we benefit from internal efficiencies

Added reassurance around compliance and fraud

With Western Union’s extensive workforce of around 2,500 local compliance experts around the globe, we can benefit from and amplify the reassurance and confidence Cintra Global offer in navigating complex international markets.  

They use advanced compliance programs and technological solutions to help detect, deter and report illicit activity, which is why they are trusted by up to 500 banks and other financial institutions.

This, no doubt, will give you further confidence and peace of mind that your payroll, paperwork and payments are in the safe hands of experts.


I already use Cintra Global’s payment services. How will this affect me?

We will begin migrating customers as of July 2022. You can expect to hear from us shortly, as we will be in touch with more details before any changes need to take place.

Are all my existing territories covered?

For all of our existing customers as at 15 July 2022, that’s a resounding yes.  We have ensured that all our customers international business operations are covered (and more).  If you’re thinking of signing up with us, here is a list of all countries and currencies we can support.

Will I still be able to make just one monthly payment in a currency of my choice while Cintra Global take care of all subsequent payments?

Absolutely.   No change here!

I previously used Cintra Global’s payment platform, Cambridge.  Will I need to change my payment details?

Yes, but we will be in touch with each customer personally to walk you through the changes.  Please refer to these downloadable details for any currency you wish to pay in.

When are these changes effective?

We are officially launching the partnership from 15 July 2022 so we have already started to use Convera’s global payment platform.  We are migrating clients using our current payment platform gradually and will be in touch with you shortly to discuss.

I’m not yet using Cintra Global for my global payments.  How do I find out more?

Please reach out to our Customer Services team who will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Will I need to set up local bank accounts for each currency and territory we operate in?

No.  We like to keep things simple for you.  You can make one simple payment in the currency of your choice.  Once your single monthly payment is set up, we take care of everything else.  We’ll make sure that your employees, along with any regulatory payments due, are all made accurately and on-time wherever you operate, so you have nothing to worry about.